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Hi There, I'm Kri.

My therapeutic style is centered around respect and empathy…and a little humor. You'll have a safe and nurturing space where you can be your most authentic self and feel supported in the process of untangling the issues that are preventing you from living your fullest life. I’ll invite you to examine how relationships, family roles, and environment play a part in maintaining problematic dynamics and behaviors that no longer serve you. Self compassion, feeling empowered in your decisions and having a greater sense of peace in your life are some of what we'll work together in achieving. 

I’m a human, just like you. I understand the toll of feeling not like your full, whole self… and just like you, I know the daunting task of choosing a therapist who really gets you. I also happen to be a therapist. Opening up to someone new can feel a little intimidating, which is why I’d like to tell you more about myself.

My approach is strength-based and person-centered…oh, and collaborative, non-judgmental and all that good stuff. I am an LGBTQ+ ally and welcome all people (and pets - the joy of virtual therapy) in my practice. I believe that to the core, all humans want to feel a sense of belonging and connection.

 I also believe that vulnerability is the heart of the healing process. For that reason, I bring my whole self into the therapeutic process. 

If you’re expecting a therapist who shows little to no facial expressions, that is not me. I will laugh and smile with you... and if time permits, I will trade movie and restaurant recommendations with you. I also firmly believe in the healing abilities of animals, please feel free to bring your pets to session. My sweet senior pup may make an appearance upon request, and sometimes he gets kicked out of the room if he's snoring too loudly. 

Let's Talk!

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There are so many life changes we go through during the course of early through mid-adulthood. With each passing phase comes a set of new challenges, but also a chance to do things differently. If you feel yourself white knuckling it and struggling to keep up; you are not alone. That's also a sign that something in your life is no longer serving you or is not sustainable. Through our work together, we'll explore what is working for you and what might be holding you back from living your fullest life. Therapy provides a unique space to put down the heavy parts of life and look at them through a different lens. 

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Whether you're feeling stuck in a cycle of eating past the point of fullness and dieting or missing out on trying new things or enjoying life because of the way you feel in your body, I am here to help. In our society, it is not uncommon to struggle with food and body image and yet it is so isolating. One of my specialty areas is helping people improve their relationship with food and how they feel in their bodies.  

Has food become a source of stress?

Do you find yourself turning to food to help soothe difficult emotions?

Is the way you feel about your body interfering with social plans, dating or connecting with your partner?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Dealing with career burn out?

Having relationship or dating issues?

Feeling like you over extend yourself or have trouble setting boundaries?