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It's not really about the food.

It sure can feel like it is, but it's not about the food. There is a natural overlap between food and feelings. Food can symbolize a gesture of love and care. No wonder it's often gifted during times of celebration and times of loss. It is when this overlap between food and feelings shifts inward and it feels impossible to separate, when we may find ourselves stuck in the cycle of using food to help us manage difficult or unpleasant emotions.
With the help of therapy, we will begin to untangle the two and get you unstuck. This is the start of healing your relationship with food and finding peace. 

Emotional Eating Support

Does your loved one struggle with an eating disorder?

I offer brief psychoeducational consultations (1-3 sessions) for anyone who would like to learn more about eating disorders and how to be a better support for your loved one who you suspect is struggling with disordered eating.