Eating Disorder Support

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If you struggle with disordered eating, you understand the impact this has on so many areas of your life:

pleasure, connecting with others, and nurturing your body. Learning to love and accept your body and make peace with food will directly impact your relationships. Food represents love. It represents bringing people together and it is meant to be enjoyed.

This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping people heal their relationship with food. I incorporate body positive principles such as weight inclusivity and health at every size.

What our work together will look like:

Discuss the role that food played in your family and any harmful messages that have been internalized along the way. 

Begin to untangle these food messages, gain insight and understanding around where they started and how they are reinforced. 

Gradually incorporate foods that have been avoided as a result of the ED

Increase your ability to tolerate distress around food

Identify any eating disorder symptoms and work towards reducing these behaviors

Understand the emotional and environmental triggers that lead to using ED behaviors and learn new ways to manage these triggers 

Meal Support Therapy: eating these foods together while in session

Does your loved one struggle with an eating disorder?

I offer brief psychoeducational consultations (1-3 sessions) for anyone who would like to learn more about eating disorders and how to be a better support for your loved one who you suspect is struggling with disordered eating.