Couples Therapy

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Be proactive and don’t wait before it’s too late:

 A relationship does not need to be in crisis to warrant couples therapy. When a couple delays therapy until it becomes a “last resort”, they usually have little motivation for growth and change, which then impacts the success rate of therapy.

Couples therapy is even more effective with early intervention. Just like an annual physical, a regular relationship check-up can help reduce unnecessary damages and keep the connection alive. 

I can help you work through relationship difficulties such as:

Please note: Couples therapy is not appropriate if there is a lack of emotional or physical safety in the relationship. Factors that impact this: violence, addiction, abuse, personality disorders. Couples therapy should be delayed until these issues are addressed and safety is reestablished. 

Communication issues and emotional distance

Sex and intimacy issues

Setting and maintaining boundaries with family

Life transitions: becoming parents, experiencing a loss together, decision-making for your future

Repairing a breach in trust

Navigating an open or polyamorous relationship